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File: LUI v309-21-12
says you fixed warlock bars in patc...
Posted By: Feign
says you fixed warlock bars in patch notes, but it still bugs out the unitframes when i log onto my warlock. hope it gets fixed soon, it's gotten to the point where default ui hurts my eyes, i need lui to play comfortably. :/
File: LUI v309-18-12
Re: Re: Warlock
Posted By: Feign
I'm not sure If this issue has been addressed prior to my post but; Has anyone had problems with the Unit Frames and Cast Bar not properly installing to LUI when prompted to self install in-game? That has been the only bug I've caught with it so far. For the warlock class that is. yes, it's the warlock bars causing the problem....
File: LUI v308-29-12
it seems you forgot to put in your...
Posted By: Feign
it seems you forgot to put in your addon for the chat box, or it's just not working. also, the dungeon finder pane is sort of messed up.