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Pleasant surprise.
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Posted update for Pandaria version 5.1. Haven't done a lot of testing, but haven't seen any problems so far. Will check beck here in the comments occasionally for user response. Whoa! An official update! Thank you so much. Donation incoming. :banana:
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Re: Re: Changing talents error
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Try to switch off "Button Message Flashing" in chatbar options So far so good. Thank you!
File: ChatBar09-09-12
Changing talents error
Posted By: Grogfoot
Could anyone help with this error? I'm still receiving one error when I try to change talent specs. This error actually prevents me from changing the talent (just is unresponsive after dismissing the error). Often a /reload will correct it until the next time I attempt to change it. Any ideas? Date: 2012-09-09 15:33:45 ID: 1...
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Re: Quick fix for 5.0
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OMG, Xaemyl, I think I love you! Works great again! Change "## Interface: 50001" in the toc file. Then edit ChatBar.lua and replace every instance of "GetNumRaidMembers" with "GetNumGroupMembers" (should be 2; lines 415, and 424). Seems to work for me so far!