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File: oUF Mu01-18-14
In core\layout, line 586 is what yo...
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In core\layout, line 586 is what you're looking for. Each of the raid groups is anchored to the previous raid group. Feel pretty idiotic for missing that hehe. Thanks Musca. :)
File: oUF Mu01-16-14
Hey dude. Downloaded and started fi...
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Hey dude. Downloaded and started fidling with this the other day. Very nice so far. One query I have though. I'd like to have my raid frames grow left rather than right and can't seem to get it to work. Am I missing something? I'm not a LUA genius but have edited a few layouts before without too much trouble FYI. :D
File: CoolLine11-22-13
Re: Re: Re: Re: Bug + request for ICD
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... I also have a request, do you think it would be possible to add easily ICD using LibInternalCooldown ?That is beyond the scope, but if one reads CoolLine's page, it gives a door for an external mod to do such features. Okay. I'll do it by myself then :) First version implemented, you can download it at CoolLine-ICD on Curse...
File: oUF_Qulight11-19-13
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Hi all. Love the addon and have been doing my own edit of it since cata. Got a problem with the new version though. I cannot get the raid frames to work with a vertical layout. When i turn the config Horizontal value to false, instead of laying out in colums for the groups, it stacks them all on top of oneanother, so you have 5 p...
File: m_ActionBars (MoP)08-29-12
Having the same error as 10leej, ot...
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Having the same error as 10leej, otherwise it's looking all good.