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File: LUI v308-22-14
Can't see debuffs on raid frames :(
Posted By: Gianni Abla
Im having a problem with my raid debuffs icons (I use the default OuF that comes with LUI). It works for my priest, but when I try to raid with my shaman it wont show anything. I've checked if there was anything different between their settings, and I can't find anything. I tried to copy all the modules from priest to shaman and noth...
File: LUI v309-05-12
LUA errors
Posted By: Gianni Abla
Im gettin this when passing mouse over guild list: Message: LUI 3.7.2 (r507)\modules\datatext.lua:1555: bad argument #1 to 'unpack' (table expected, got nil) Time: 09/05/12 11:47:57 Count: 6 Stack: : ? Interface\AddOns\LUI\modules\datatext.lua:1555: in function Interface\AddOns...