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File: KaitUI - A PvP DPS UI08-17-14
Re: KGPanels - how do you make circular backgrounds?
Posted By: ginnypinny
Hey, I love the look of KaitUI, and have done since I saw the original YouTube video. I've been trying to re-create somethings similar to the HUD (unitframes) while keeping the rest of my UI the same. The only problem that I have been coming across is the circular KGPanels background to the WA models. I have no idea how to make th...
File: rCompassCastbar08-09-14
Posted By: ginnypinny
I love the look of this compared to cursor_castbar, but im not very lua. savy (like, know nothing). I was wondering how you change it to blue. Thanks so much
File: ChiBar10-21-12
Skins not showing...
Posted By: ginnypinny
The different skins are not showing. All I'm getting is neon green boxes for all....
File: oUF_Mlight(MoP)09-07-12
Doesn't even show up
Posted By: ginnypinny
This addon doesn't even show up in-game for me. I've downloaded ouf, ouf_moveable, and the older version of this addon, but I still get nothing.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)09-06-12
Still can't inspect people or click on self
Posted By: ginnypinny
I just downloaded the update, but I still can't inspect people when I click on them. I also cannot interact with my own bar. Everything else seems to be working fine though. *Update: Just reinstalled the addon directly through this website (instead of Curse) and it seems to be working fine now.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)08-30-12
5.0.4 update?
Posted By: ginnypinny
Will this be updated for 5.0.4?
File: SLDataText08-30-12
Update for 5.0.4?
Posted By: ginnypinny
Will there be an update for 5.0.4? LOVE this addon!
File: HealBot Continued08-30-12
Bars not changing color for buffs
Posted By: ginnypinny
My bars are still not changing color when one of my buffs expire.