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File: Exalted With The Floor Fan Update11-04-17
Re: Elvui
Posted By: Sinese
Will this skin with Elvui?:) as of right now. no unless someone know how to do it edit: as of right now learning c++ and lua so will polish this in the future will make it skinnable with elvui (i hope) any chance for german locales? german locales kinda hard as i can't speak it but if someone can gimme a list of every dung...
File: Exalted With The Floor Fan Update07-04-17
Re: oh! I forgot
Posted By: Sinese
tbh i have no idea why u get error :o im a super noob when it comes to coding aswell i just found the part where i needed to input the new dungeons rest is beyond me sorry :( i made a small change so its including every dungeon in the game from vanilla to Legion. to avoid fucking up previous scores the new dungeon and raid wil...
File: ElvUI Shadow & Light09-04-16
Enabling this addon hides my Datate...
Posted By: Sinese
Enabling this addon hides my Datatext, chat, aka everything at bottom of screen that is Elvui used, while in combat... and im unable to find the option to disable it :/ can someone help?
File: Exalted with the Floor07-23-16
Re: Re: Updating addon
Posted By: Sinese
its up on http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info24063-ExaltedWithTheFloorFanUpdate.html as a patch for this addon, as always i take no credit for the real maker im just updating it :)
File: Exalted with the Floor07-20-16
Updating addon
Posted By: Sinese
Hi i've updated this addon on my own occasion but seeing as some people may want it, May i update it for u on this site Crazysheep? i can give a working version if u ask thru pm but i take no credit for this addon im just updating it for the sake of people like me and my guildies
File: FaceShooter09-07-12
if you copy Kill command and change...
Posted By: Sinese
if you copy Kill command and change it to Blink strike with a few changes, and copy Readiness and change that into Dire Beast and small changes, won't that make it so it get those 2 into the rotation helper as well? but that probably fuck up for people being SV or MM?