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File: whoa UnitFrames10-21-12
Try this http://ge.tt/2rJaysP/v/0...
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Try this http://ge.tt/2rJaysP/v/0 Works like a charm! Thanks a lot. I tried fixing it myself, but ended up hating the messy wow api wiki :D EDIT: There is another issue: the new unitframes in MoP, the ones on small npc enemies, without a resource bar, is glitching. (The color is above the bar) A fix for that would be amazing =)
File: whoa UnitFrames08-31-12
The only problem I'm having (maybe...
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The only problem I'm having (maybe its just mine) is that enemy health bars are using the background of the aggressive enemy. If you fight an NPC, the red bar fades to the red (same color different background texture). Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/YjyLp.jpg (note mob is about half health) Thanks for the screenshot. I will che...