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File: LUI v309-04-12
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So whenever I'm in a raid group, but not in the actual raid, my raid frames are showing up as the following: http://imageshack.us/f/822/wowscrnshot090412215632.jpg/ (LUI target frames are the same as what I have set up for my character) And then when I zone in to the raid, I get default blizz frames for my targets: http://imagesh...
File: LUI v308-31-12
:D Thanks for the update guys! And...
Posted By: yaminokai
:D Thanks for the update guys! And I'm going to do what you suggested with the locks as well (also passed the info on to a friend, cause he was having the same problem as well with his lock).:banana: But on another note, I was wondering where the chat option went where you can edit your chat box's font style and even boost it up a...