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File: nUI_Art_InvisibleMan09-03-12
Black line - range on raid not working
Posted By: Silverpanda
I was wondering if there is going to be any updates to remove the black line defining the mod area. I love this layout but that line... hmm lol ... Have not seen any recent posts about it here. Any info would be great. I hope you can take it out cause that would make this the best layout ever made :). Oh, also noticed that anythin...
File: nUI_InvisiSkin09-02-12
Invisible line in Invisible man vs Invisible not working
Posted By: Silverpanda
I love this layout more then Invisible man because it has no line defining the layout area. Is there a way to take the line defining the layout away from Invisible man via commands or does it have to be updated for that? Really that's my only dislike in the Invisible man, however I did try to use the the Invisible art but still got t...