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File: BigWigs Bossmods07-13-06
Bug wich comes allways more or les....
Posted By: Darclite
Bug wich comes allways more or les... dont get it at all.... i updated bigwigs since 1 month over SVN and its still not fixed hope you can look into it or maybe i do something wrong... Ouro is only a example it happens at many bosses.... if you want me to report those bugs plz respond.. And Gruop DarkGlare isnt always 100% right....
File: SimpleCombatLog05-29-06
Azu chat bug
Posted By: Darclite
Ok i love simplechat works great Only problem i got was at Azuregos as i played with my alt Mage: http://www.myffos.net/downloads/images/azubug.jpg Tons of spam in the normal ChatWindow