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File: Headline (Nameplates)03-07-13
Re: Re: Tagged mob color
Posted By: gangnamestyle
Cheers for picking up and doing updates on this addon, helps alot. :) But something always annoyed me. When you get in "nameplate range" of a mob, you see a castbar/some blizzard crap for a splitsecond. Is it impossible to get rid of this completely? :/
File: Headline (Nameplates)01-01-13
Tagged mob color
Posted By: gangnamestyle
Any fix for tagged mob color on nameplates? running past randoms fighting another mob causes nameplates to act like a discolight. Headline trying to color the nameplate for aggresive mob, at the same time as it gets the tagged mob color, making it flash red and purple/something like that anyway.
File: dRecMap12-07-12
Instance Difficulty Icon
Posted By: gangnamestyle
Is it possible to change the Instance Difficulty icon? Preferably to plain text, like "10" "25H" etc. Been going through the code, and theres tracks of it previously being done. However no file in the media folder, nor can i get i get to work with a random texture.