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File: Headline (Nameplates)05-27-14
It seems attachments are turned off...
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It seems attachments are turned off for this section so I'll send you the files via pm. Edit: Scratch that, it seems they're also turned off for pms. You can download it here. How it works: every nameplate's name starts outs with a default colour, you update the nameplate's unit's class (and hence name colour) by mousing over or...
File: Headline (Nameplates)05-18-14
I would like to have nicknames, to...
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I would like to have nicknames, to (the color of their class) If this is possible and you are ready to do it I will be very grateful to you Sorry about the delay, I've been busy these last few days. I'm happy to do it but I need you to clarify something; Do you want ALL names to be class coloured or only Player ones? (there is a...
File: Headline (Nameplates)05-12-14
I'm guessing the question is "Can y...
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I'm guessing the question is "Can you colour the unit names?". The answer to which is no. I also don't plan to add that as a feature as I'm only maintaining this at a bare minimum at the moment. That said, if you can tell me the what/why/how you want it changed I could perhaps help make changes to your own copy.
File: Headline (Nameplates)05-23-13
5.3 Update
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Sorry about the wait. The 5.3 Update is at the usual place: https://code.google.com/p/headline-modified/downloads/list
File: Headline (Nameplates)03-08-13
Cheers for picking up and doing upd...
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Cheers for picking up and doing updates on this addon, helps alot. :) But something always annoyed me. When you get in "nameplate range" of a mob, you see a castbar/some blizzard crap for a splitsecond. Is it impossible to get rid of this completely? :/ As far as I am aware it is currently impossible, sadly. However, the Nameplates...
File: Headline (Nameplates)01-02-13
Re: Tagged mob color
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Updated(now with less epileptic fits) Download I've moved over to google code as sourceforge was just getting annoying.
File: Headline (Nameplates)11-30-12
For those seeking the original look...
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For those seeking the original look of Headline: Original Font and Texture Edit: Updated link
File: Headline (Nameplates)11-29-12
That's a missing texture file, did...
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That's a missing texture file, did you copy the entire directory structure? Specifically copying "normTex.tga" from "media" into your "media" subfolder?
File: Headline (Nameplates)11-29-12
hmm broken texture kinda Oo Can yo...
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hmm broken texture kinda Oo Can you post a screenshot? If its just an issue with text looking 'blocky' replace line 179 in Headline.lua: f.nameFrame.name:SetFont(FONT, HeadlineGlobalSettings.fsize, 'MONOCHROMEOUTLINE') with f.nameFrame.name:SetFont(FONT, HeadlineGlobalSettings.fsize, 'OUTLINE')
File: Headline (Nameplates)11-29-12
im in luck? well its still broken.....
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im in luck? well its still broken... You're not wrong. Sourceforge isn't accepting my new uploads, apparently. But rest assured I DO have a working version. EDIT: Sorry about that folks, I've uploaded the working version (and checked its the correct file this time...) http://sourceforge.net/projects/headlinemod/files/Headline%28...
File: Headline (Nameplates)11-28-12
well the new code dont work with 5....
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well the new code dont work with 5.1... can someone fix it plz? You're in luck! https://sourceforge.net/projects/headlinemod/files/Headline/ I'm still not sure about the mini nameplates (I *may* rejig them to be full size ones).
File: ChronoBars09-06-12
Another fix for Mop
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Just another fix, this bug occurs when switching specs. The GetActiveTalentGroup() function was replaced with GetActiveSpecGroup() in 5.0.4. In ChronoBars.lua replace line 262 with: local spec = GetActiveSpecGroup()
File: Headline (Nameplates)09-02-12
Working Version for MoP
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Google stumbled across this while I was searching for something else: https://gist.github.com/3597492, a working copy of Headline.
File: ChronoBars09-02-12
Fix for MoP
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With the following changes I've found it to be operational. (I haven't exhaustively tested it but I've encountered no other issues.) As per http://www.wowpedia.org/Patch_5.0.1/API_changes Changing all lines that reference "UIPanelButtonTemplate2" to instead use "UIPanelButtonTemplate" will produce a working version. Replace th...