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File: ViksUI09-13-12
The other issues I had seem to be f...
Posted By: Vitium
The other issues I had seem to be fixed, and now all I have left is a question. Is there a way to have percentages show on the actual unit frame (along with numbers) instead of just on the nameplates? Being a warlock, it's somewhat hard to tell when execute range is if I can't see the nameplate (which shows percentages). Thanks.
File: ViksUI09-03-12
Something I've noticed, the Darkmoo...
Posted By: Vitium
Something I've noticed, the Darkmoon Faire (vehicle) bars don't show up at all, and aren't bound. I have to disable the whole UI to actually do the dailies, which I'm assuming carries over to vehicles as well. Another thing is the raid frames bug out and there's the essentially 10m version over the 25+ version overlapping. I also hav...