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File: Skaarj UI10-17-12
Hi there, quick question. Since...
Posted By: kingstongunner
Hi there, quick question. Since the latest update, I can't get my stance bars to be visible. I'm pretty sure I have the settings right: = { hide_bar = false, show_in_combat = false, show_on_mouseover = true, bar_alpha = 1, fadeout_alpha = 0.1, orientation = "VERTICAL", rows = 1, buttons = 6, button_...
File: Skaarj UI09-20-12
Any reason why when im in combat an...
Posted By: kingstongunner
Any reason why when im in combat and i use any skill my chat box is spammed with the word FOO! every time i press a key. I'm having this same issue on my mage. I tried changing the mage number to the one you suggested for the paladin but it isn't fixing the issue.
File: Skaarj UI09-03-12
Hi Skaarj, thanks for the great UI....
Posted By: kingstongunner
Hi Skaarj, thanks for the great UI. Just wondering what the command is to get the stance bar to appear. I can't seem to get it working on either my druid or death knight. Thanks.