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File: oUF Gvv07-20-16
New version's on the way
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
Legion pre-patch is live now, so I can get my hands on this. It shouldn't be that hard to debug this, maybe?
File: oUF Gvv03-25-15
does this work with latest patch?...
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
does this work with latest patch? Works fine on my shaman alt two weeks ago but no further testing. It should be working.
File: Skada Chat Frame Integrator12-23-14
function /scfi dont work for me...
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
function /scfi dont work for me each time i must /reload for integrate skada to chat frame = flustrated = deleted Is there any message showing up in your default chat frame when you use the slash command? Or some lua errors?
File: Skada Chat Frame Integrator11-24-14
Silly question, but can you apply t...
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
Silly question, but can you apply this technique to other damage meters like Details? Technically, yes. Actually, this addon is just a complex version of a macro: /run local chatframe = _G chatframe:HookScript('OnShow', function() for _, win in ipairs(Skada:GetWindows()) win:Show() end end) chatframe:HookSc...
File: Skada Chat Frame Integrator11-23-14
Thanks for the quick response. W...
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
Thanks for the quick response. What about the embed command "/scfi"? Should i rename it to scfi1 in the copied addon? Anyway i tried both it is not working like we wanted ;) It's not embedding anything anymore. I checked and doublechecked everything, but i'm going to triplecheck now. EDIT: Triplecheck successful, fo...
File: Skada Chat Frame Integrator11-22-14
Re: Finally...
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
someone made this. Awesome, thank you. Now, my feature request. You know what that is, don't you :D Please let me integrate 2 Skada windows. They don't have to be splitted like in Elv, thats not important in the moment, but another chat window (or even more with different names). Or wait, i have an idea...i could just c...
File: oUF Gvv11-10-14
Re: Not setting up properly
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
I downloaded this and the most recent version of Ouf and when I load my game up, the frames are there but the blizzard frames are still intact as well and are also in the way. any reason as to why this could be happening? Is there any Lua errors showing up? It works (nearly) perfectly with oUF 1.6.8 on my side.
File: oUF Gvv11-08-14
getting this error: Message: In...
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
getting this error: Message: Interface\AddOns\oUF_Gvv\core.lua:475: attempt to index global 'CPS' (a nil value) Time: 11/07/14 14:56:39 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\oUF_Gvv\core.lua:475: in function `styleFunc' Interface\AddOns\oUF\ouf.lua:262: in function (tail call): ? Interface\AddO...
File: oUF Gvv09-26-14
If target names not showing after update to v0.2
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
My apologies for the inconvenience:( Please open oUF_Gvv\config.lua and modify line 12 ns.C.normalFont = 'Fonts\\ARHei.ttf' -- Default font(e.g. 'Fonts\\ARAILN.ttf') 默认字体文件路径 to an available font for your client like: ns.C.normalFont = 'Fonts\\ARAILN.ttf' -- Default font(e...
File: Carbonite BETA VERSION09-13-13
Re: Version Number
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
I noticed that the version number shows up as 5.1.6 in game. Just open Carbonite.lua, find line 28-29 and modify the version numbers to any number you want. This basically affects nothing but that tooltip.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]04-06-13
Hi, im wondering if its possible to...
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
Hi, im wondering if its possible to back to the normal ennemis Blizzard bar ? i'm using the grey version of this guii. Try using some nameplate addons such as tidyplates.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]03-14-13
Re: Font color fix?
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
Thanks to everyone who posted fixes for the icon and for the parchment background. I do still receive the lua error but it's easily ignored. I wish I had the first clue on how to correct the font colors so they are readable, and if there is any additional information I can post to help figure it out and get it sorted I will be ha...
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]10-21-12
I didn't take a screenshot yet, but...
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
I didn't take a screenshot yet, but I found a problem. The character window when you press C, and a few other windows, do not have an image inside of the square at the top left, like it should. I even tested this with a fresh install, not using anything else and it still isn't there. This same problem occurs on the grey version to...
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]09-05-12
Wrong font name of zhCN locale
Posted By: Eternal_Lynx
For zhCN locale, the font used for quest text is "ARKai_T.ttf", not "2002.ttf". This tiny mistake made my quest log totally messed up, all the text in Chinese became question marks(???)... Keep up this good work! ...and sorry for my bad english.:p