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File: Ara Broker Reputations04-03-17
Posted By: Snoopers
I am not sure why it is giving me this error... Message: ...ns\Ara_Broker_Reputations\Ara_Broker_Reputations.lua:323: attempt to index local 'color' (a nil value) Time: 04/03/17 13:48:24 Count: 6 Stack: ...ns\Ara_Broker_Reputations\Ara_Broker_Reputations.lua:323: in function <...ns\Ara_Broker_Reputations\Ara_Broker_Reputation...
File: AzCastBar09-05-12
AzCastBar Plugins
Posted By: Snoopers
Thanks for the update. Will the "AzCastBar Plugins" getting upadate too? Many thanks.