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File: Qulight UI07-21-16
Filger is broken, rest looks good a...
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
Filger is broken, rest looks good as far as i tested.. Thanks!
File: TinyDPS07-21-16
Thanks for Update I got some LUA...
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
Thanks for Update I got some LUA Error with SPELL_NOT_FOUND.. I try to get it again so I can post it to you.
File: AsphyxiaUI v14 Legion Alpha07-12-16
Hello and thanks for the Update for...
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
Hello and thanks for the Update for Legion. Will be great that this UI will be back. Question / Request - Will it be possible to change the font? Pixelfont is hard to read for me. In the current Version on Live i changed all the fonts in the lua myself. Looking forward to use this UI again in Legion!
File: Qulight UI05-13-16
Is there a way to enable a bag sort...
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
Is there a way to enable a bag sorting and blizzard standard combat log? (with 2 tabs)
File: bNameplates12-16-15
Your fix didn't work for me.. Addon...
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
Your fix didn't work for me.. Addon still broken.. :( Maybe I din't fill out correctly.. Hopeful someone updates this addon
File: Numeration Damage Meter11-26-15
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
How do I change font? Where do I have to put the fonts in i want to use? Great AddOn btw. I really like it :cool:
File: Raven01-29-15
Meta Icon
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
How can i choose an icon for meta icons? I've created a condition to show up an icon when target is below 35% for Soul Reaper reminding but i cannot choose wich icon to show up, it just shows up a blue / white icon.
File: Qulight UI01-14-15
Few minor issues
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
Hello I'm using the UI for long time now and still love it. There are a few minor issues right now: 1. Tooltip just disappears randomly and you have to /rl to regain it. 2. Nameplates just disappear in some situations. 3. Everytime you talk to a vendor an error message appears. Sadly i can't post it now but it has to be some...
File: Allez UI10-21-14
Hello I cannot move Filter Icons...
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
Hello I cannot move Filter Icons, I set config mode to true and the Icons are shown but I cannot move them.
File: TellMeWhen06-17-14
Any chance of creating an icon for...
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
Any chance of creating an icon for my rip with duration who changes to ferocious bite with rip duration on 25% and below health of target? And is it possible to show how strong my debuffs are? Like affdots for example. Thanks
File: Qulight UI01-19-13
Hello The SpellID in the classti...
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
Hello The SpellID in the classtimer of Savage Roar is not correct. The correct is: CreateSpellEntry( 127538 ), -- Savage Roar
File: TinyDPS12-06-12
Best DPS Meter
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
This is by far the best DPS Meter. I use it since I've discovered it and I am very happy with it's simple minimalistic way and low ressource usage. One little Bug happens from time to time. When moving TinyDPS sometimes it keeps sticking on my mouse and I cannot let it go.
File: Qulight UI12-06-12
It could be my favorite UI but...
Posted By: MetzgersWitwe
.. there are so many bugs in there. - Nameplates don't show any CC's or Debuff except Deep Wounds. - Please fix this, I don't want to use Platebuffs since there is only a Fan Update - Arena Enemies not shown before the Arena starts - Not so important but would be cool - sometimes items doens't work. If i will use bandage or eat...