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File: HealWatch12-15-06
Re: Re: Any plans to update?
Posted By: Hilly
Originally posted by JoshBorke yea, i decided i'll work on getting HW updated for 2.0. i won't really support it, but since RaidCast is taking me forever and i'm losing motivation to code for either of them since i hardly play anymore I decided to go ahead and update since I don't know of many other mods that do this type of thing...
File: HealWatch08-31-06
Josh, I've been using heal notify....
Posted By: Hilly
Josh, I've been using heal notify. Which works great for my guild. However, the author has been busy in RL and I don't know if he is going to continue with the mod or not. So I'm looking for a replacement. Right now yours is lacking the comms(I believe?). Whatever I suggest to my guild needs to have the features that comms suppor...
File: HealNotify06-03-06
This add-on works great been using...
Posted By: Hilly
This add-on works great been using the beta version for a few months now.