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File: LynUI08-14-16
Posted By: Aramaic
I'm really loving this UI - thanks for sharing :D
File: Ansi Ui03-05-15
This is a great looking UI. Thanks...
Posted By: Aramaic
This is a great looking UI. Thanks for sharing!
File: SixUI01-18-15
Great UI
Posted By: Aramaic
I'm really enjoying this UI - the layout isn't an exact fit for me as a dps or tank so I made some slight tweaks - it was rather easy to modify the xml, etc. I'm not quite satisfied with it yet but getting there. http://i.imgur.com/DcjCFwt.jpg
File: OPUI12-07-14
Love it!
Posted By: Aramaic
Hey there - I was pumped to see this compilation updated! Install went great following your instructions, watching the video, and reading through Ozzey's tips (some minor adjustment with pitbull/etc but I'm on 1080, which you clearly stated in your video would be required). Looking forward to future tweaks! Really, thanks!
File: Vytle [Caith UI MoP Update]09-08-12
First off; thanks so much for this...
Posted By: Aramaic
First off; thanks so much for this compilation! It's great to be able to use a Caith UI looking interface again! With Doom Cooldown Pulse and the Interrupt Announcer, it's not saving settings - what am I doing wrong? I did find the doom cooldown pulse lua to edit the settings manually, but not Interrupt Announcers... So far e...