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File: Ion Action Bars11-11-12
Do we think this project is still a...
Posted By: Sarabian
Do we think this project is still alive? Whilst I hope it is I have to say I have my doubts in the absence of any kind of update, be it download or just a comment on where the project is in tems of what is being worked on and when a new release may be available. As much as I hate to say this, with the amount of issues there are wi...
File: Ion Action Bars09-09-12
Titan Panel Clash
Posted By: Sarabian
Firstly I didn't want my first post here seem like a complaint so I'd like to congratulate and thank you for the new add-on. I have used this series of mods since trinity first came out and have been extolling its virtues to anybody who will listen ever since, very few I admit but then that just shows the average IQ of those I talk t...