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File: PerfectRaid01-19-07
First of all thanks for the awesome...
Posted By: Soeron
First of all thanks for the awesome work on praid. Use it for long time, and love it. Keep up the good work. Watching the updates closely, and wanted to ask if the function that indicates low on mana on casters will be back ? The "mana" text on the right side of the bars when casters get to 20% mana or to the setuped value.
File: BigWigs Bossmods12-18-06
Got some problems with CandyBar and...
Posted By: Soeron
Got some problems with CandyBar and addons that use the library, like RegenFU, oRA etc ... Somethig like : Fubar_Regen.lua:316 CandyBar-2.0: Bad argument #4 to 'Register' (string expected, got nil) Edit: Got it working. Updated to the last versions. Seems the library syntax is changed.