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File: SLDataText_Guild11-28-13
Posted By: Xanthide
hello i recently started getting this error using this addon.. mainly if i right click the button Date: 2013-11-28 19:41:37 ID: 1 Error occured in: AddOn: SLDataText_Guild Count: 1 Message: Error: AddOn SLDataText_Guild attempted to call a forbidden function (IsDisabledByParentalControls()) from a tainted execution path. De...
File: SLDataText11-19-13
would it be possible to add an opti...
Posted By: Xanthide
would it be possible to add an option, so that if you enable notes for guildie list, theyre in the same line as the guildies name? when we are like 40 guildies online, the list turns into quite a mess.. thanx in advance