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File: Skaarj UI09-22-12
Class colors
Posted By: Nynw
Hi Skaarj, great work on the UI. I could use some help regarding setting my own class colors. Ive looked around almost all of the .luas and cant seem to find where to change the scheme. Could you point out where and what code i need (class,power); the colors i have myself.
File: oUF Skaarj09-11-12
Frame Highlighting
Posted By: Nynw
Hi Skarj! Thank you mate for the wonderful work, will be using this as my raidtemplate for MoP. Ive managed to make a few changes myself but I cant seem to find how to remove the fading of the color when mouse-overing the Player/Target frames. I would want the brighter colorouring of the highlight. Any tips?