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File: Altoholic07-18-16
Re: 7.0 Release
Posted By: Tomortoe
- DO NOT FORGET TO CLEAR YOUR SAVED VARIABLES ! IT'S NOT OPTIONAL ! Spreading the word about this but you could remind us the best/quickest way to clear the saved variables? Once again, thank you very much!
File: Altoholic09-29-15
Hey I just redownloaded Altoholic a...
Posted By: Tomortoe
Hey I just redownloaded Altoholic after quite a while without, and I'm having trouble being able to see what alts from different realms have when I mouseover an item, like a stack of cloth for example (I'll see what my current realm alts have, but still not off realm). Is there a fix for that or something I may be missing in my setti...
File: Altoholic07-06-15
You can get away from tooltip explo...
Posted By: Tomortoe
You can get away from tooltip explosions by wrapping the code in Tooltip.lua below "local itemID = addon:GetIDFromLink(link)" into "if itemID ~= 0 then ... end" till the end of function body. This is not a proper fix, but works for a quick hack. I don't know lua at all, but if that is saying "if the id is not zero, then do all th...
File: Altoholic04-14-15
Re: Bad Item Counts
Posted By: Tomortoe
So i've been using Altoholic for a few years now, and have never once had a problem until 6.1 was released. Now the addon only displays on one toon, and the item counts are no where near right. Mostly it just counts what that toon has at the time. The rest are way low or high depending on if I have collected more or used any of the i...
File: Altoholic03-27-15
DataStore_Auctions error
Posted By: Tomortoe
I've started getting this very recently. Any ideas about it? 33x ...aceDataStore_Auctions\DataStore_Auctions-r42.lua:167: attempt to index local 'link' (a nil value) ...aceDataStore_Auctions\DataStore_Auctions-r42.lua:167: in function <...aceDataStore_Auctions\DataStore_Auctions.lua:149> "]:4: in function <"]:4> : ? "]:13: in...
File: Altoholic12-24-14
Posted By: Tomortoe
Thank you for all the work, Thaoky. I left a donation through curse, I hope it gets you a beer that I'd like to buy you!
File: Altoholic06-29-14
Thaoky, thanks for stopping in and...
Posted By: Tomortoe
Thaoky, thanks for stopping in and letting us know where this project stands. Also, your advice about deleting the file worked for me. Sorry to hear you've had a rough year, year and a half. I hope things steadily improve and you continue to heal.
File: Altoholic01-09-14
Connected realm inventory
Posted By: Tomortoe
Besides my question below, here is another: How can we setup altoholic to show inventory information in tooltips for multiple realms? I have characters on two realms that are now connected, so I can share items between the realms -- not to mention toons from both realms have access to a single guild bank. When on a character on re...
File: Altoholic01-06-14
Search behavior w/ Heirlooms
Posted By: Tomortoe
I'm trying to locate which of my toons have heirlooms. All of them have Altoholic enabled. I pull up Altoholic, am in the Search tab, leave Search Containers blank, leave Level Range blank, change rarity to Heirloom, Equipment Slot is Any, and have used various different Locations. None of the searches pull up any of my heirlooms....
File: GathererDB WoWHead09-24-12
Is the space in the folder name bre...
Posted By: Tomortoe
Is the space in the folder name breaking it? Update: Yes, you need to change the space to an underscore. Otherwise the addon doesn't even load. Indeed, that got it to load. But I was hit with this error when I opened the configuration >> Database >> checked enable: Date: 2012-09-24 20:59:36 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global...
File: GathererDB WoWHead09-24-12
Re: Re: Gathere 3.3.0
Posted By: Tomortoe
So I installed the newest Gather with the DB that is on the site, and went ot follow the import steps. I couldn't find any of the red buttons on the side when I went to Config, can some one tell me if my version is bugged or if I have the beta for the next version by mistake? image so people can see what I see. http://www.flickr.c...