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File: Brewmaster Tao01-24-13
Hello! If I can ask for a sugges...
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Hello! If I can ask for a suggestion, it could be nice if, under the stagger tracking bar, you can place the actual amount of damage absorbed by Guard, modified by AP. It would help to get a good idea of how much would be efficient a PB against a Guard (for those who doesn't use it on CD, at least :D). Thank you in advance and...
File: Brewmaster Tao09-29-12
Italian localization
Posted By: MaDdi3
Hello! I've modified the lua to include the italian localization. Code here: if GetLocale() == "itIT" then tao_l = "Noncuranza" tao_l = "Noncuranza Parziale" tao_l = "Noncuranza Moderata" tao_l = "Noncuranza Totale" A pity it does not track power strikes, due (I suppose) to the different naming of Jab ("Diretto" in it l...