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File: Prat 3.005-18-16
Issue w/ Bent Messages
Posted By: aeonabyss
Having an issues w/ Bnet messaging. http://i.imgur.com/YaK14pN.jpg
File: GathererDB WoWHead10-30-12
Jade forest mining Nodes
Posted By: aeonabyss
I just did a fresh install of both gatherer and the DB, ran the import in the config, and I still get no mining nodes in Jade Forest.
File: GathererDB WoWHead09-29-12
I am also gettign this error
Posted By: aeonabyss
I've tried reinstalling gatherer / DB a couple times now... seems like after I import the db, the MOP zones nodes are incomplete/nonexistent... Hmm not sure if anyone else is getting this issue but when i import the MoP Database its not importing all the Ghost Iron Ore Nodes. Herbs are fine but i'm wondering why not all the MoP Or...