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File: Neav UI11-13-14
the only problems i'm having are th...
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the only problems i'm having are that the objective is floating(moving from the right of the screen to somewhere off the left side) and the same thing happens with the garrison button. if i move the tracker before it goes off screen then it will stay put. otherwise it just disappears, and again same for the garrison button.
File: Neav UI10-14-14
nameplate cooldowns
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can someone refer to my question below, basically to sum it up. In the same way that nPlates shows totem icon, I would love to add that in PvP if my enemy uses defensive cooldown, or offensive cooldown, that it shows an icon of that cooldown on top of nPlates? Is this easy to add by myself? Ideally to make it pretty I want the defen...
File: Neav UI09-15-13
raid right click menu
Posted By: beargrills
Hello, I hate to bother you, as I know you've posted you would not help with questions. With this last update, the right click menu for the raid members has changed. In party it still has whisper>inspect>trade>follow>etc. However, in a raid those menu options are not available. If I revert to the previous version they come back, and...