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File: CandyDice09-28-06
Hi, I guess this mod won't work...
Posted By: Jah
Hi, I guess this mod won't work for non english clients. Could you please consider adding support for BabbleLib(Babble-Spell) ? Thx EDIT : oups, just saw Babble-Spell is integrated in CandyDice-RogueTimers, so... please go on ;)
File: Clique09-08-06
Originally posted by Blindjedi Do...
Posted By: Jah
Originally posted by Blindjedi Do you have a function to open up the player menu? When I installed your mod, right clicking did nothing and your page doesn't list a function that I can bind. I am using the default blizz unit frames. I also tried using UnitMenu() but that only works for other players. Remember that the "player"...
File: Bongos206-02-06
@Kailef : RangeHelp works with Bong...
Posted By: Jah
@Kailef : RangeHelp works with Bongos... or at least it used to. Did you try?