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File: MayronUI Gen501-15-13
Re: Pet bar?
Posted By: keynage
I only wish the threads were searchable not to bug you with simple stuff... But have only played classes without pets so far, and yesterday setup the UI for my lock, but couldn't find anywhere my demon's bar :< for pet bars go into /bt and enable them. then you need to /suf and enable pet frame also then move the frame to where y...
File: MayronUI Gen501-14-13
d/h tab
Posted By: keynage
When i try to switch from "d" mode to "h" mode, nothing hapens. My bars don't change so all my spells stay the same. How can i go about changing this? also how do i move the debuff bar that is right above the targets head? It is the same color as the cast bar but i can't seem to get it to move. I want to move the bar up just a ta...
File: MayronUI Gen510-03-12
few problems
Posted By: keynage
First off, i love this ui!! I am trying to turn on tracking in the mini map for mining/herbs/hunter tracking but i can't seem to find it. I tried going into spell book and manually track but it wont let me. Any help? Also is there a way i can turn on vendors to display on the mini map? Also when i am in a battleground my party...