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File: Satrina Buff Frames 312-26-09
Like the addon, nice work. I did ru...
Posted By: recall383
Like the addon, nice work. I did run into an issue that's not listed in the known issues list though: right clicking the stealth buff icon does not cancel stealth. Kind of annoying since that's what I'm used to. Any chance of a fix? Thanks for the good work!
File: VuhDo11-30-09
Hi, I'm currently an xperl raid fra...
Posted By: recall383
Hi, I'm currently an xperl raid frames user, looking to move to VuhDo. Looks cool, I've been playing with it getting it set up. There are two issues I've run into so far: 1) The most important issue I've seen is that doing an "apply all" seems to reset several configurations, even when I did not change them. I'm not sure if thi...
File: Finalflo UI11-30-09
Hi, really like the pack. Unfort...
Posted By: recall383
Hi, really like the pack. Unfortunately I play on a non-widescreen monitor. Any chance of getting a version with standard ratio? Thanks!
File: Afflicted306-07-09
Originally posted by Tiralol Hi,...
Posted By: recall383
Originally posted by Tiralol Hi, afflicted dont rly work at me :eek:. i see every ~10 arenas 1 or 2 spells. i enabled all spells (and ofc arena too) and all categorys (buffs / cds / interrupts....) and i see nothing. I dont know why. i didnt changed something at the standard config at the spells (duration / cd etc) should i...
File: Proximo12-10-07
Other mod communication
Posted By: recall383
Does this mod communicate w/ the other arena mods, like Arena Live Frames? Thanks!