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File: Mono UI11-28-12
m_Nameplates and m_chat need updati...
Posted By: JonathanB
m_Nameplates and m_chat need updating for the patch, everything else seems to be working as before, would greatly appreciate an update on those two! I've been working on a big update for a while now it's still not entirely done, but due to patch I'll try to release it tomorrow. I hope it includes a configuration of some sort.. I ref...
File: Mono UI11-25-12
Configure GUI
Posted By: JonathanB
I love this UI, but I can't be bothered with using it and having no way of in-game configuration.. Seriously, if this had an in-game config GUI I would use this forever! Too bad :( (I wish I knew Lua, I would code one myself if I did) Edit - And don't get me wrong, I know enough to edit all the stuff if I wanted to, it's just too ov...
File: Analyst10-12-12
Posted By: JonathanB
I notice that Analyst only tracks the last 30 days and was wondering if you could possibly add an option for longer than that? Like the last year, or since the add-on was installed? OR.. is there a way to view PAST the 30 days that I am not aware of...? Thanks :)
File: BetterTooltips10-10-12
Removal of Gryphons
Posted By: JonathanB
Just as sort of a suggestion.. I wouldn't remove the gryphons on the players bar; some people (like me) don't like having them removed.. I, thankfully know how to edit that out.. but others might not and could easily be the difference between someone using this or not! Otherwise, great add-on! I use it ;)