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File: Wardrobe-AL09-23-06
In the Addon Option: the Dependenci...
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In the Addon Option: the Dependencie "WearMe" is Missing. Where do I DL this Wearme mod? :mad:
File: MetaMap08-03-06
Bro, The Problem still persists...
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Bro, The Problem still persists :mad:
File: Fishing Buddy07-25-06
Re: Fixed (I think)
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Originally posted by slymm If you're getting the fishinglocations.lua error about line 291, there is a very easy fix for this. Open up the file FishingLocations.lua in the FishingBuddy folder. Go to line 291 and delete this line. While I'm not familiar to .lua or .xml code, I am familiar with debugging LPC and this line is a rep...