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File: MysteryUI_V507-01-13
No Poisons?
Posted By: nayami
Have this issue on my rogue. I keep getting spammed #####NO POISONS##### even while I have poisons on. Is there any way around this? Thanks, great addon.
File: MysteryUI_V503-15-13
Posted By: nayami
Hey, love the addon been using it for a while now. What do I do to remove the new chat please? I like to use chatter
File: MysteryUI_V501-15-13
Posted By: nayami
Love this UI, my favorite. Looking forward to future updates (:
File: Adapt - Almost-Default Animated Portraits10-14-12
Great addon all it lacks is for us...
Posted By: nayami
Great addon all it lacks is for us to choose the colour in the portrait (:
File: MysteryUI_V510-14-12
Sick UI love it <3 Any chance fo...
Posted By: nayami
Sick UI love it <3 Any chance for 3D portraits? (: or maybe someone knows an addon that might help?
File: whoa UnitFrames10-11-12
Looks awesome
Posted By: nayami
Looks so damn good, the updated blizzard default frames look so great, will make my UI look so clean. I really want this addon now, will be checking daily for an update but hope there's one soon <3 (PS, can someone tell me how the addon's doing since it hasn't been updated for some time? Thanks)
File: Rufio UI Classic10-11-12
Player Frame
Posted By: nayami
2 Questions. How can I make the bars on my player frame bigger like in some of your screenshots? How do I disable your castbars? (I've been using Quartz for a long time so I'd prefer using it) Thanks, wonderful and clean UI <3