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File: SolvexxUI06-26-13
Posted By: Scitovski
Is it possible to remove the CHI points display for monks on the unitframes player frame??
File: VxtUI06-14-13
Combo Points
Posted By: Scitovski
I really like the addon that shows the amount of combo points i got on my rogue what addon is that?
File: MysteryUI_V506-11-13
Action Bar
Posted By: Scitovski
Hi, is it possible for you to fix the problem where some actionbar icons go invisible, U can still click on the attack that is connected to the action bar. But what you dont see is the ICON of the ability and that is quite annyoing :)
File: Allez UI02-20-13
Problem as Resto druid
Posted By: Scitovski
Hi i got a problem that is really annyoing and the problem is with Lifebloom on the raid UI it does not show the stacks of lifebloom so its impossible to know how many stacks u have on ur target + if its possible i would like some small white number that counts down on the bar on how long its left on the Hots!.
File: MysteryUI_V510-13-12
Posted By: Scitovski
Hello i really love this UI but i would like to make some changes to make it even better for me! 1. How do i increase the Player Frame Width? to make it larger on the width 2. How do i make my DOT icons on the target abit larger?