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File: MikScrollingBattleText09-17-13
Re: Quick Fix - Font Issue 5.4
Posted By: Strayuss
I had the issue even after installing the latest version, which supposedly "fixes" the problem. The quick fix in the previous post worked for me. It would still be nice if this problem was fixed for good.
File: KuiNameplates10-30-12
I have experienced an issue with Ku...
Posted By: Strayuss
I have experienced an issue with Kui - often (but not always) when I rotate the view by holding the right mouse button and moving my mouse, the nameplates switch between the default and Kui nameplates. Here are the pictures: http://imgur.com/teBQJ,CiWDS#1 Then I rotated the viewport back and forth (and killed an ogre in between...
File: KuiNameplates10-15-12
This is a great addon, I would only...
Posted By: Strayuss
This is a great addon, I would only like to know is there a way to display some other information instead of HP (like XP for example) in the nameplate, or hide the health display completely?