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File: Six - Block OQ spam! ( formerly OQSpam )11-20-13
y u tryin-a advertise your addon on...
Posted By: Kapulani
y u tryin-a advertise your addon on someone else's addon's comment section.. rude. It wasn't an advertisement, just a head's up to the author that we'd put together a couple of very similar addons in a short amount of time. No rudeness intended.
File: Six - Block OQ spam! ( formerly OQSpam )10-28-13
Posted By: Kapulani
Aloha, Ironically, I had put together an addon the other day that filters the (OQ) messages from the chat frame. I called it OQSpamBlocker. Today, I was directed to your comment about hooking to the secure function that does the toast messages. I've added this functionality to my addon, so it handles both chat frame and toast...
File: Candy Buckets10-18-12
Re: Re: tomtom
Posted By: Kapulani
I'm sorry if this should be simple, but I'm new to your addon and to Tom Tom. Could you tell me how to load all of your waypoints into Tom Tom so that it will take me to all of the buckets without having to choose the next location each time? That's a good idea, I gotta add this as a feature to the addon itself. Maybe a slash com...