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File: Shining UI02-25-14
Sorted it thanks The buff's...
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Sorted it thanks The buff's position is determined through a kgpanel script to be correct for any resolution normally. To change that, do the following: type "/kgpanels config" into the chat, expand active panels and search for "4 - Function - Ravenhandling". Expand it and navigate to scripts, and edit/remove everything ra...
File: Shining UI02-16-14
Wonder if you can help - had it wor...
Posted By: markianb
Wonder if you can help - had it working fine, then all of a sudden can't seem to move the buffs. Now i know it's raven that you used, but it seems that it locks the buffs over the minimap. Any ideas how i can solve this?
File: LUI v311-09-12
Forte Unit Frames
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Heya I wonder if you can help? I have been using your interface for a while now and all was great, until i created a new character. After doing so, the forte unit frames (ie target/player) decided to not work and only the blizz frames work. Any ideas? I have tried removing the WTF and reinstalling but this did not work Thank...