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File: MayronUI Gen511-04-12
Couple quick questions
Posted By: WoWRibs
Of all the addon compilations I have tried over the years, this one has lasted the longest. Awesome work. Just have a couple questions about things: 1. Is there a way to get the whole chat box, border and all, to appear in the lower left corner as opposed to the upper left? Vendor/bank/profession etc. windows all open up there an...
File: MayronUI Gen510-21-12
Chat box text size
Posted By: WoWRibs
Totally digging the look of this addon suite. Job well done. I just have a question about a couple things that are irking me a bit. 1 - The chat box text is constantly resetting itself to damn near microscopic size. Any way that I can get it to stay at "14" when I change it there from the settings? 2 - Being a sucker for symmet...