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File: Action Bar Saver02-01-12
When restoring as a feral druid, ma...
Posted By: Xin
When restoring as a feral druid, mangle(bear form) is placed on the cat form action bars when mangle(cat form) was originally there. I have temporarily resolved the issue by using a mangle macro in place.
File: Natur Enemy Castbar04-11-08
Thanks for the update. Will this...
Posted By: Xin
Thanks for the update. Will this beta show the cast bars even without targets? And by no options, does this mean we will not be able to move the bars where we like and scale them? Thanks.
File: Natur Enemy Castbar03-30-08
Originally posted by UnlitPhoenix...
Posted By: Xin
Originally posted by UnlitPhoenix You can no longer set the max range for your combat log "vision". It will always show data from VISIBLE targets. So that removes the need for changing combat log range (and syncing for damage tracking mods). I have my video settings so that I can see objects from very far away. For example i...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar03-28-08
Posted By: Xin
The setrange command is not working. Everytime I use "/necb setrange cmax" or "/necb setrange allmax" I get the following "NECB: Unknown command 'setrange allmax' entered! (try /necb help) :O" I have 8.7.6.