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File: MayronUI Gen501-05-13
how come every so often, my kgpanel...
Posted By: RawrBlargh
how come every so often, my kgpanels just stops working? it says "Expand.tga failed to load" so nothing works anymore.. the colors on kgpanels are gone and things stop working? how do i fix it?
File: MayronUI Gen512-24-12
is it possible to change the class...
Posted By: RawrBlargh
is it possible to change the class color? i play a paladin so everything is pink, but i really would prefer green (monk) is it possible to change this somewhere? i've searched everywhere... thank you!
File: Mono UI11-11-12
would anyone happen to know where i...
Posted By: RawrBlargh
would anyone happen to know where in the config files i can turn off the grid that comes with this UI? i'd like to use grid its self, but i cannot find out how to turn off the mono grid, thank you! also does anyone else get errors with dbm overlapping its self? like all the timers will be stuck together.. is this a dbm issue or mo...
File: Mono UI10-25-12
Removing Combat Buffs?
Posted By: RawrBlargh
Hey, so i'm really wanting to use this UI and i love everything about it, except for the combat buffs right next to my character, i cant see anything and blocks my raid awareness.. I wish to disable it or atleast move it, but cannot find the option for it? Does anyone know how? http://i.imgur.com/NYwpZ.png (Crusader/Judgeme...