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File: Roth UI (Diablo) Galaxy's Revival08-29-16
Hey! I don't know why but buffs\de...
Posted By: Chrisboxed
Hey! I don't know why but buffs\debuffs don't work. rBuffFrame didn't work and now ShinyBuffs don't work too. I tried instal original ShinyBuff but nothing. (There just no buff\debuff icons. Empty place.) Only working addon is AuraFrames. I just deleted Roth_UI\media\Cracked-Narrow.ttf If you are meant change new font to or...
File: Roth UI (Diablo) Galaxy's Revival08-28-16
Posted By: Chrisboxed
Firstly, thank you a lot for bringing back this UI. I am having some trouble changing the font of the targetplate without breaking the UI. What is the exact edit I should be doing here? Also, is there a way to change the vertical position of the targetplate through an edit? My mouse is super sensitive so if I try to drag it I ca...
File: MayronUI Gen511-28-12
Anyone know if its safe to update S...
Posted By: Chrisboxed
Anyone know if its safe to update SuF yet??
File: MayronUI Gen511-21-12
Just a heads up, Don't update Shado...
Posted By: Chrisboxed
Just a heads up, Don't update Shadowed unit frames, it breaks the UI EDIT: Seems like Blizzard did something that broke it, nevermind Shadowed' This could be why mine broke... :(
File: MayronUI Gen511-21-12
Profile glitch
Posted By: Chrisboxed
Hello there, still absolutely loving the UI, but ive ran across a rather large bug and its causing problems. Basically every time I retract my bar, which resets the profiles to mayronUI2, it goes to MayronHUI2 and then copies those settings to MayronUI1. So I've been losing my settings, frames and bars get all over the place, and I...
File: MayronUI Gen511-02-12
Some concerns
Posted By: Chrisboxed
Loving the UI but I have several questions. 1. Is there a way to change the overall text font? I think you have the blizzard default fonts changed to like fritz or something and I'd rather have it on prototype or another font if possible. 2. I accidently updated phanxbuffs, but nothing bad has happened yet....is my UI going to...
File: MayronUI Gen510-29-12
Awesome UI, but having big bugs
Posted By: Chrisboxed
Very pleased with the UI, but theres certain bugs that are messing me up pretty bad. Whenever i retract my Bar it resets my party/raid/pet frames. Also, it wont do the setup for my alts or is there a way to carry over the settings on my main to my alts???