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File: XanUI08-27-16
First of all thanks for the UI you...
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First of all thanks for the UI you rocks :) But i got 1 question loved the old one with the big buttons ^^ any chance to see them re appear ? Thanks Hi! Thanks :) You can customize all Elements of the UI by entering the config mode of each several AddOn. In you case: Dominos: Type /dom -> Configure Bars -> right click t...
File: XanUI08-26-16
Nice UI. DO you plan on adding sup...
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Nice UI. DO you plan on adding support for multiple monitors where all the frames come to the center monitor? Hi, thanks! I have got no plans on that end since i have no such setting to test it. Sorry But i think, with some effort you are able to config the UI as you whish by yourself. Greetings
File: Aurora08-26-16
Re: Re: Re: hum?!?! can use 7.0.3 but new one dont work....
Posted By: XanUI
:confused: Hey now i can use aurora but version 7.0.3 the new one does not work at all! why is that?! Did you try version 7.0.5? give me link for that one... i had 4 maybe... V5 works like a charm, thank you for the effort!
File: XanUI08-22-16
How do I scale the entire UI? I am...
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How do I scale the entire UI? I am running a 1600x900 resolution so everything is too squished right now. Thanks! Also how do I change the layout once I set it? You can scale the UI under Game Menu - System - Advanced On the right top Corner is an "x" klick it to change layout
File: XanUI08-21-16
Re: data texts
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i feel like i'm commenting to much don't want to be annoying... ah well... brillaint mod ofc. due to me being 1440p i had move things around a bit but thats on my end for the data texts... install Broker Everything. it shouldnt affect your fps and it works like a charm :banana: Don't worry, feedback is very important for me, good...
File: XanUI08-21-16
Re: Love it!
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Been playing with it for a long time and im never going back! /cheers Thank you :)
File: XanUI08-20-16
Hi! As far as i can see you use thi...
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Hi! As far as i can see you use this UI for the Betal. I have only tested it on 7.0.3 live Servers. I know... on the front page it says legion edition. also how do i move some things around? Depends on the Addon you want to move. /dom for Actionbars /suf for UnitFrames /dbm for Bossmods /chinchilla for minimap modules /mo...
File: XanUI08-18-16
please update it for legion, at the...
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please update it for legion, at the moment my action bars aren't showing o.o and i would very much like them back lol. i depend on this ui alot so thanks for making this in the first place point is, i don't want to upload an UI with LUA Errors: Moveanything, Tidy Plates and Omnicc throw some LUA Errors or Errors in the Placement......
File: XanUI08-12-16
Please continue for Legion! Love it...
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Please continue for Legion! Love it. Hi! I am working on a Legion Update, should hit in a few Days... sadly TidyPlates ThreaPlates isnt working anymore... I'll look into it
File: XanUI01-18-16
Re: Leave LFD popup?
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Hi Xan, big fan of the UI, love the little details you've put in to make it ultra-functional. I'm just wondering were the addon for the "would you like to leave now?" popup comes from at the end of a random dungeon. It's really useful for reason and I was curious. Thanks again, you rock :) Hi! Thanks for the awesome feedback!...
File: XanUI12-17-15
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Group Missing
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Hi, I really like your UI, however I seem to have a problem with the group interface, it doesn't appear. I went into a dungeon and I couldn't see the group bar. What do? can u tell me if you type /grid and go to profile which one isnactive? The XanuiHeal profile is active. man this grid issue is giving me a hard time :( do you have...
File: XanUI12-15-15
Re: Autorepair disable
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Xan, is there a way to disable autorepair? Couldn't find it digging through installed addons anywhere. klick the durability text at the bottom, there is a tooltip if on or off
File: BigWigs Bossmods12-15-15
Switch Profile with LUA
Posted By: XanUI
hi! maybe a different question: is there a lua command to switch the BW Profile? i have an UI Comp using 2 different layouts, switching them with reflux, but somehow the BW Profiles dont switch properly. Since i tried a lot, i am asking if there is a lua command to switch the profile manually. Would help me very much. Greets
File: XanUI12-12-15
Re: Entering / Leaving group message
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Hey, Thanks for great UI. I have only done some little addon changes. Replaced Grid with Vuhdo and Skada with Details. I have just question. How can I replace welcome / leaving message when I enter to dungeon or raid? Now it's German and I want it to be English or Finnish. Thx EDIT: Already found in "DungeonHelper.lua"...
File: XanUI12-05-15
Re: Re: Re: Target debuff timers?
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Moin moin, super starkes UI. Wirklich eins der besten, die ich je ausprobiert hab! Vielen dank fürs Hochladen. Eine Frage hätte ich allerdings. Die Debuffs beim target frame haben standartmäßig keinen angezeigten timer, lediglich dieses "Kreisoverlay" dass den aktuellen Stand anzeigt. Bei den tidyplates ist das vorhanden. I...
File: XanUI11-12-15
Re: Re: Re: Druid Action Bars
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I have a problem, i create a druid and when i change my form, like from bear to cat or to human, my actions bars dont change. Same for stealth, when i go in stealth the action bar dont change... pls help me :( Rly need help with it... Thx No Problem! This is solved with dominos: type /dom - configure Bars and right click on the...
File: XanUI10-20-15
Re: Fast perfekt!
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Grüße dich! Also entweder ich bin zu blöd oder ich finds nicht :p Ich hab gesehen du verwendest SUF für Targest etc. ich will einstellen das der debuff riesengroß über meinem Focus steht bzw auch über mir. Ich kann zwar Position und alles einstellen aber nicht die skallierung!!! Desweiteren stört mich der Special Button der...
File: XanUI09-27-15
Good interface, but why we can't us...
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Good interface, but why we can't use the tank interface ? Can you help me ? Thx by advance Hi, if you mean the tank IF from the Screenshot, its from the old "a" Version. i have made the interface new with more symmetric layout. you can download the a version and use the WTF folder to get the old layout. i personally find...
File: XanUI09-01-15
Re: Problem mit WeakAura
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Hallo Xan, erstmal glückwunch zu diesem klasse UI, das problem was ich habe, ist das WA mir nichts anzeigt, en ich mit /wa ins menue gehe steht dort auch nichts. ich benutze deine 6.20a version als Druiden Heiler, hoffe du kannst helfen. Hi! Danke :) Unter "Other Files" hab ich nun meine alte WeakAuras Saved Variable hochgeladen...
File: XanUI08-28-15
Is there a way to add your bnet fri...
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Is there a way to add your bnet friends to the bottom? /done ;)
File: XanUI08-28-15
Re: Thanks for the great work
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Hey man, I was looking for a new UI compilation to replace mine for a while now and I was too bored / busy to make my own from scratch. I am a raider first and foremost and your UI is great for raiding. Thanks for making this and I hope you keep improving and updating in the future because I will be using it 100%. The only problem...
File: XanUI08-25-15
Hey! Love the ui but there is o...
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Hey! Love the ui but there is one problem that makes it unusable for me. I play as a MW/BrM monk and I switch alot between the specs but when I do that the bar layout / keybinds etc change to so i need to reconfigure it! If you can solve this in the future I may use it more! P.S lovley ui and got all you need Thank you...
File: XanUI08-24-15
Just wanted to say thank you for th...
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Just wanted to say thank you for this UI. It has improved my game so much, and it is pretty while still being usefull. So thank you for taking the time to make this awesome UI. I'm happy to hear that. Sorry I'm a bit lazy with the updates. But if you guys have an update tool like curse client or minion that souldn't be an issue.
File: XanUI02-07-15
Re: Interface
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Das ist ein echt Schickes Interface, nur hab ich das Problem, das bei mir auf dem Rechenr niht annährend das sich öffnet wie es im Video zu sehen ist... bitte um ein schnelle antwort... Hi bitte nochmal prüfen ob dje pfade im wtf ordner stimmen... meistens liegts daran.
File: Aurora: Missing Textures07-11-13
Awesome Mod! Could you please ma...
Posted By: XanUI
Awesome Mod! Could you please make the RaidManager toggle Button a little bit moar visible?