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File: Peddler (Junk seller)09-24-12
Feature Suggestion
Posted By: Thiana
It would be nice if the addon allowed you to limit the number of items sold each time the merchant is opened. For example, if the addon only sold 12 items at a time we could easily recover any items we incorrectly marked to be sold.
File: Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)12-24-11
Sound Support
Posted By: Thiana
Could you please consider adding the ability to have sounds linked to bar events? For example, playing a sound when my target/focus starts casting an interruptable spell/etc. Thanks.
File: MySales09-15-11
Minor Feature Request
Posted By: Thiana
Could you please add the item tooltip for sold items? It would be nice being able to mouseover each item to see if I have any others I can post for sale, and if they are in the bank/mail/etc (via BagSync/etc). Thanks.
File: Auditor11-09-06
Re: Re: Request
Posted By: Thiana
Originally posted by Alarisha It could be done, I suppose, but what for? :confused: (a) For correcting 'unknown' money from when you've altered the account on your laptop. (b) For situations like vendoring an item you picked from AH, the profit belongs in the AH cat not the vendor one.
File: Auditor11-07-06
Posted By: Thiana
Can you possibly add the ability to move money between categories? Thanks.
File: FuBar - GarbageFu09-19-06
Posted By: Thiana
I'm not sure how viable this is, but since you've got support for multiple price sources now. Any chance of having the enchantrix value of a green item shown? ie, if DE price > AH price > vendor price. Thanks!