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File: MailNotifier10-30-08
weird anomaly with Postal
Posted By: SmuvMoney
There is one weird anomaly with Mail Notifier. If I use Postal to automatically open mail, the notifier does not go away after the last mail item has been read. I end up having zero items in my mailbox, but the mail icon does not go away. I usually have to reopen my mailbox a few minutes later for Mail Notifier to realize that I have...
File: Aspected Again10-18-08
Blizz default UI now includes Shadowform in the class bar
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I was messing around with AspectedAgain and Dominos after the fix I wrote about below when I made the following discovery: the default UI now puts shadowform in the class bar if you spec for it. It is now (finally) considered a stance. I actually changed the localization file on my own copy of Aspected Again to reflect this. I did...
File: Aspected Again10-18-08
Re: Re: how to make this fully compatible with Dominos
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Originally posted by Mookhow Thanks for the info about Dominos. I had modified my own copy of Dominos to be compatible with Aspected, but I didn't want to publish the change since it required modifying someone else's code. I've been trying to figure out how to make the change work wholly within my own code. That's a more elegan...
File: Aspected Again10-18-08
how to make this fully compatible with Dominos
Posted By: SmuvMoney
First let me say that I am very happy that this is updated for 3.0.2. That being said, it does not work with Dominos. That may not be your issue or fault, but I thought it good to figure out how to make it work with Dominos. 1. Modify Dominos.lua to include the class bar for hunter, shaman, and priest. To do this, open Dominos....
File: Armory08-01-08
Hemlock incompatibility?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I noticed an incompatibility with Hemlock, which is an Ace-based rogue poison addon. Hemlock allows you to buy and then create said poisons while at a poison vendor using buttons on the merchant window (first click will buy - second click creates as many as specified beforehand). Armory doesn't stop me from buying the items using Hem...
File: ImprovedMerchant07-23-08
Re: Re: last item sold not showing correctly in frame?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Macneil, I can no longer reproduce the error I reported. Potentially it was a fluke or a specific item that caused the error. If I come across it again, I will make sure to have an image and note the specific item in question. My apologies for the false alarm. Keep up the good work. Originally posted by Macniel @ SShadow1974...
File: ImprovedMerchant07-21-08
last item sold not showing correctly in frame?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
When I sell something to a merchant with ImprovedMerchant, you can see the icon for the item sold in bht bottom right corner, but you do not see the name of the item or the current price in the Merchant tab. If I look in the Buyback tab, it has clearly been sold and can be rebought without issue. I believe it can be brought back in...
File: zBar201-29-08
key bindings on stance and pet bars?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Would it be possible to add key binding labels to the pet and stance bars? Other than that, I really like this addon.
File: Trinket Menu01-08-08
Originally posted by zirka Cannot...
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Originally posted by zirka Cannot bind keys like Alt+T or something with Alt or Ctrl or Shift + key menu auto closed. :( I found a dirty workaround for that. You can simply place the bindings in your bindings-cache.wtf file. In my case, they look like this: bind CTRL-HOME CLICK TrinketMenu_Trinket0:LeftButton bind CTRL-IN...
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)11-16-07
Not working with TradeTabs until UI is reloaded
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I was trying to figure out why this addon was not working with TradeTabs (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6948-TradeTabs.html). What will happen on startup is that the tabs that this addon creates on the trade skill window will not show up. However, if I reload the UI, I can see all the tabs. If I don't initially load ET...
File: TradeTabs11-13-07
Originally posted by tardmrr Ther...
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Originally posted by tardmrr There is a possible problem if your TradeSkillUI loads before the player's spell are available to the interface. The spells would be available sooner than normal after a ui reload which would fix the problem. So, my best guess is that you have an addon causing the TradeSkillUI to load before PLAYER_LO...
File: TradeTabs11-12-07
Re: Re: no buttons
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Originally posted by tardmrr Is sounds like you either have an addon conflicting with it (this is the most likely choice) or you've only tested while you were in combat. Could you PM me a screenshot of your addon directory or a list of addons? I'd like to figure out any incompatibilities to see what can be done. I can duplica...
File: WeaponRebuff 3.410-09-07
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I'll definitely check this out tonight. Thanks for the shout-out by the way. :D I didn't want such a good addon to fall by the wayside unnecessarily. Thanks again for turning this around so quickly (past-PM I mean ;) ).
File: WeaponRebuff 3.410-05-07
potential explanation to problem and workaround
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I believe is that the issue is similar to what it is described here: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=2038122482&sid=1 . The thread does not talk about WR directly, but it looks to be a very similar issue. I have been able to workaround it using MoveAnything! Here is how I did it (revised from this post on W...
File: FuBar - Critter InFu07-25-07
icon not showing if no text displayed?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
If I only choose to have the icon displayed for Fubar_CrittenInFu, it doesn't show up on logon. I usually have to find the invisible icon and mouseover it to check the "Show Text" option. Once I do that, the icon does show. From there, unchecking that option allows the icon to show for the rest of the session. If I change charact...
File: TsuMOD 2.1.3+07-10-07
What is the HUD addon used?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I was wondering what HUD addon you were using. Also, could you list all the addons for your UI in your description?
File: DoTimer07-10-07
Multiple totem timers of same element?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I noticed an issue with shaman totems. If I drop two totems of the same type before one expires, both totems are listed under the "No Target" timer. For example, I drop the Grace of Air totem, wait 5 seconds, and then drop the Windfury Totem. The Grace of Air totem shows up in the DOTimer. However, it is not removed when the Windfury...
File: AuctionFilterPlus07-08-07
small issue with AFP when using QAHImproved
Posted By: SmuvMoney
When I use AFP with QAHImproved, the Filters button (afp_FlyoutButton) is hovering over the "X" button. This is because QAHImproved makes the AH windows somewhat longer lengthwise. With the normal AH window, this is not an issue. However, I thought it best to provide a workaround that may be useful in future releases. To allow...
File: Fishing Ace!05-26-07
Auto Lure not working?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
For some reason, I can get the auto lure function to work. I am using version 0.4.1 in the 2.1.0 WoW patch.
File: ag_UnitFrames03-07-07
Resizing or scaling buff/debuff icons?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I had a question about the default buff/debuff icon size? Is there any way to scale it? Even on my widescreen LCD @ 1920*1080, it is very small. Other than that, this mod rocks. :) Thanks for your time. I forgot to ask this question as well. Any hope for party target frames?
File: Bartender302-26-07
Re: Re: reload UI reset action bar to 1st page?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Originally posted by Nevcairiel thanks for the detailed report, and i was able to reproduce and fix that behaviour. either get the latest rev from files.wowace.com or wait for the next upload here :) Cool beans. I'll grab it from WowAce Updater. Thanks again for the quick response.
File: Bartender302-25-07
reload UI reset action bar to 1st page?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Whenever I have to reload the UI, Bartender resets the default action bar Bar1 to the first page instead of the page it is currently on. For example: * Scroll/select the default action bar to any page other than the 1st one. If you have an addon that shows what page you are on, make sure that it is not set to 1. In this example...
File: Bartender312-16-06
SuperMacro tooltip compatibilty?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I was wondering Bartender3's macro tooltips would work better with SuperMacro. Currently, SuperMacro has an option to modify the tooltip of a button with a macro to one that matches the spell/item it uses. However, Bartender3 simply will spawn a tooltip of the macro name, which matches the default UI behavior. I have made the auth...
File: ZoneLevel11-04-06
Download link v3.6.4?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
For some reason, the download link is showing v3.6.4 even though the latest is listed as 3.7.
File: DoTimer09-29-06
Warrior DOTs/debuffs?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Does DoTimer work with warrior/physical DoTs and debuffs like Rend, Intimidating Shout, and the like? It seems to works well for my caster alts, but I don't seem to get any icons for those effects.