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File: FluidFrames08-10-09
Interface Menu
Posted By: waxie
When I open up the interface menu and scroll down to "Modified Frames" and "Hidden Frames" they are both blank. I know I've hidden some and Moved allot around. Is there some way to make the items show back up in these boxes? Thanks Waxie
File: Altoholic02-02-09
getting a new error with v3.0.006b...
Posted By: waxie
getting a new error with v3.0.006b Date: 2009-02-02 12:08:06 ID: 4 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Altoholic\Altoholic.lua line 1613: attempt to concatenate a nil value Debug: : ? Altoholic\Altoholic.lua:1613: GetCharacterItemCount() Altoholic\Altoholic.lua:1625: GetAccountItemCount()...
File: Clique10-16-08
Clique with pet skills
Posted By: waxie
With the new pet skills under our spell book, is there a way to use Clique with our pets spell book? When I open Clique and switch to the pet tab, Clique closes. Thanks Erni
File: GnomeCharmer04-09-08
Would love to have the option to cl...
Posted By: waxie
Would love to have the option to click on the radial menu also...I to am ending up with the wrong charms because I mouse over the wrong icon. Also is there a way to turn off the tool tip? I have a mod that binds my tool tip to my mouse and I find that the tool tip is bigger then the charm bar so I can't see anything on the bar wh...
File: Possessions12-16-07
Getting two errors and I couldn't o...
Posted By: waxie
Getting two errors and I couldn't open up the /poss window Message: ..\AddOns\Possessions\Possessions.lua line 698: attempt to perform arithmetic on field '?' (a nil value) Debug: : ? Possessions\Possessions.lua:698: Possessions_BuildDisplayIndices() Possessions\Possessions.lua:623: Possessions_Update() Poss...
File: ArkInventory05-14-07
Why the heck would you need Mr. Plo...
Posted By: waxie
Why the heck would you need Mr. Plow with this Mod? This has been one of my favorite mods to date! Waxie
File: Bartender302-25-07
Posted By: waxie
Is there a way to use a key modifier to temporarily turn on tooltips for the action bars? I.e. hold down the ctrl key to see a tooltip briefly? Waxie
File: FuBar - LocationFu05-04-06
Originally posted by Bandito The...
Posted By: waxie
Originally posted by Bandito The latest version causes FuBar not to load. This happened to me also until I deleted the entire LocationFu folder and copied a new one over