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File: oUF P3lim10-31-08
Posted By: Neebler
Speaking of auras, how do I add the temporary enchant frame to the auras that I've added to my player frame?
File: oUF P3lim10-31-08
Re: Thanks
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bfillmer since you've added auras to your player frame (as did I), don't forget to add this to the aura code as well: button:SetScript('OnMouseUp', function(self, mouseButton) if mouseButton == 'RightButton' then CancelUnitBuff('player', index) end end)
File: Masque: Simple Square06-22-08
bug with omnicc
Posted By: Neebler
This seems to be the only ButtonFacade skin that causes OmniCC to not show (the cooldown numbers on the buttons)
File: FuBar - HUDtasticFu08-09-07
HUDtastic discontinued
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RIP HUDtastic. it was by far the best HUD, very clean and stylish showing nothing unnecessary and with the right ammount of customization
File: Shard_Deleter02-09-07
a useful macro to do the same thing
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/cast Drain Life; Drain Mana; Drain Soul; /script PU = PickupContainerItem; D = DeleteCursorItem; PU(4,19); D();PU(4,20); D(); this assumes you have a 20 slot soulshard bag in slot 4, your last bag slot.
File: Guild Inventory01-14-07
Crazy cool addon. My new guild will...
Posted By: Neebler
Crazy cool addon. My new guild will be using this soon. I have a request to have an option to toggle the minimap icon. A fubar plugin built into it is another request.
File: SimpleCombatLog10-07-06
requests and a bug
Posted By: Neebler
I'd like to request a feature that would send an blank line to all other SCL enabled frames when an event happens in one (just like eavesdrop). I ask this because I have one chatframe showing damage done to me, and one showing damage done to my target. This would allow me to tell easily compare dmg in/out in terms of time, without...