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File: TipTac11-13-12
Hi ;) So : print(TOOLTIP_WILD...
Posted By: Crougni
Hi ;) So : print(TOOLTIP_WILDBATTLEPET_LEVEL) => Mascotte sauvage de niveau %s print(TOOLTIP_WILDBATTLEPET_LEVEL_CLASS) => Mascotte de type %2$s et de niveau %1$s
File: TipTac11-08-12
lua error on BattlePet
Posted By: Crougni
Hi !!! so, for my last post, i've try to change something on core.lua , and it seems to work. I've replace the line N180 : local TT_LevelMatchPet = "^"..TOOLTIP_WILDBATTLEPET_LEVEL_CLASS:gsub("%%s",".+"); to this : local TT_LevelMatchPet = "^"..TOOLTIP_WILDBATTLEPET_LEVEL:gsub("%%s",".+"); hope it could help you ;)...
File: TipTac11-06-12
Lua error while mouseover on a Pet ( mascot )
Posted By: Crougni
Hi, i have an lua error with TipTac every mouseover a Pet ( mascot ). Message: Interface\AddOns\TipTac\core.lua:516: invalid capture index Time: 11/06/12 23:47:49 Count: 10 Stack: : in function `find' Interface\AddOns\TipTac\core.lua:516: in function Interface\AddOns\TipTac\co...