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File: Qulight UI02-14-15
Re: debuffs on target
Posted By: Uluka´n
Are there a way to change to debuffs shown on target ? Currently I have some of my debuffs shown but not all. Explosive shot, Black Arrow and A Murder of Crows are shown in large icons with timers, but Serpent Sting is not shown. It's shown as a small icon below. I think I have gone through the entire menu structure but not found an...
File: Altz UI for Legion11-10-12
and i found a bug) after reload or...
Posted By: Uluka´n
and i found a bug) after reload or afk default combat text that float above target turning off It's not a bug it's intended, got to Interface\AddOns\AltzUI\mods\tweaks\combattext.lua scroll down to the end of the file and change : SetCVar("CombatLogPeriodicSpells", 0) SetCVar("PetMeleeDamage", 0) SetCVar("CombatDamage", 0)...