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File: SmartBuff11-23-14
Re: Safari hat problem
Posted By: memnoch
Bump, it constantly recasts once the item cooldown is up.
File: shPerformance (mem/fps/ms)10-25-14
Update for 6.0
Posted By: memnoch
If you goto lines 61-62 which reads, local tester = select(4,GetAddOnInfo(i)) if tester == 1 then -->check to see if addon is even enabled and replace them with this, local tester = GetAddOnEnableState(nil,i) -- select(4,GetAddOnInfo(i)) if tester >= 1 then -->check to see if addon is even enabledThe addon works again. You can tri...
File: Rematch01-26-14
Yeah, this was something I was goin...
Posted By: memnoch
Yeah, this was something I was going to bring up. I don't really want my lvl 24 pets at 1500ish/1980 XP to be selected at Pet Battle Masters. Sending up a warning if the current battle will grant more XP than is needed (ie, any XP over what is required to get to 25 displayed: "You will be wasting x XP in this battle" would be conveni...
File: Rematch01-18-14
Some semblance of organization / hierarchy...
Posted By: memnoch
This has been one of my biggest pet peeves in regards to PetBattleTeams. I'd really like to be able to organize "these" teams are for the Beasts of Fable battles, "these" are Pandarian Spirits, "these" are Grand Masters, etc... A spot for PvP, hell, even sub-spots within PvP For team types would be snazzy! I can understand the diffi...
File: Rematch01-12-14
So I can appreciate the leveling qu...
Posted By: memnoch
So I can appreciate the leveling queue idea. My "plans" of what to level and in what order, often end up burnt by distractions, etc... I love a lot of the ideas I'd read below, didn't see this (I've already found out, to some it's controversial, though I swear mathematically it ends up being a wash in the end); some Trainer Battles...
File: Prat 3.009-20-13
I'm missing the "arrow up" key opti...
Posted By: memnoch
I'm missing the "arrow up" key option to load my last posts from the catch. Is not working since 5.4 :( Up arrow in the edit box, scroll wheel window scrolling, copying text out of chat windows all also fail to function properly. Using BugSack, I fail to receive any errors, however an awful lot more features seem to be turned off (t...
File: Prat 3.009-20-13
I'm missing the "arrow up" key opti...
Posted By: memnoch
I'm missing the "arrow up" key option to load my last posts from the catch. Is not working since 5.4 :( Agreed. Adjusting window scrolling speed w/ the mouse's scroll wheel also fails to work. Copying text from windows fails also. It opens up the selection window, i highlight, hit ctrl+v, and nothing copies. I don't get any error...
File: YurrCombatLog06-08-13
Is this addon abandoned? No updates...
Posted By: memnoch
Is this addon abandoned? No updates lying around anywhere?
File: LootCount01-01-13
so long dead? no updates? no one to...
Posted By: memnoch
so long dead? no updates? no one to fix the problems this it's plugins have?
File: oUF Debuff Highlight03-02-11
I would guess the first is correct....
Posted By: memnoch
I would guess the first is correct. Each class doesn't list every ailment. The ones that have falses have talents associated with adding the ability to cure that particular ailment. Originally posted by drakull The "CanDispel" table is not updated to 4.0. local CanDispel = { PRIEST = { Magic = true, Disease = true, }, SHAM...
File: RangeColors03-01-11
Any updates for the latest hotfixes?
Posted By: memnoch
In the most recent wave of hotfixes, this doesn't work in combat anymore. Was wondering if there was any kind of workaround?
File: shPerformance (mem/fps/ms)02-27-11
Suggestion - Number of Addons to list in shFPS
Posted By: memnoch
I love this addon, replaces some older fubar ones I was using, before I fully converted to ldb, thanks! I see you added the ability to sort by memory use, which is great! Any chance we can also have an option to toggle viewing either list the top X amount (any number we choose? or 15-25ish would be nice) or all the addons. Or I gu...
File: broker-cashflow01-26-11
Locale fix due to Ace3 updates...
Posted By: memnoch
open Locales\enUS.lua change line 9 from: local L = LibStub:GetLibrary("AceLocale-3.0"):NewLocale( "Cashflow", "enUS", true, true ) to: local L = LibStub:GetLibrary("AceLocale-3.0"):NewLocale( "Cashflow", "enUS", true, false ) ^^^ so instead of true, true, it's true, false at the end of those lines. This way it doe...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-06-11
Party Frames
Posted By: memnoch
I can not seem to find an option (didn't need one pre-cataclysm) to turn off wow's unit frames, within x-perl or wow's interface setup. It's quite annoying having both xperl AND the default unit frames going on... anyone know how to turn this off? thanks
File: Talent Planner06-03-09
Importing from WoW Head or others?
Posted By: memnoch
So would importing talent specs from WoWHead (most importantly), MMO-Champion, or even the regular blizz page by simply doing something like /tp urlimport be something we could see sometime soon? Please (=
File: SimpleCombatLog06-10-06
Cool mod!
Posted By: memnoch
First off, very cool mod, I dig how you're actually parsing. Just wanted to let you know, the shaman talent StormStrike, doesn't parse properly and gives errors. If you need any info on it, lemme know so we can get it into the mod. (It's the extra attack that's having issue really, not the initial debuff hitting).
File: Mendeleev06-07-06
Posted By: memnoch
Count: 2 Error: Interface\AddOns\Mendeleev\Mendeleev.lua:35: attempt to index global `this' (a nil value) -------------------------------------------------- Count: Infinite Error: :9: attempt to index local `scrollBar' (a nil value) I get this when I scroll my mousewheel, which only happens when my windfury buff isn't on, whil...
File: gfxToggle 204-30-06
missing libs?
Posted By: memnoch
I just downloaded 20.1234 from http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=1158 and noticed the CompostLib and Metrognome folders are empty. just letting you know.