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File: Rare Love07-27-18
Re: Hello again!
Posted By: Taraezor
I noticed on curse's LFH page that you are in game again and playing! Yay! I have a question about *this* addon, tho. Many many moons ago, I had an addon that would, when I moused over a relevant critter, would do the /love emote on it. If it was one I had to kill, it would tell me. Alas, I no longer remember what it was called....
File: Long Forgotten Hippogryph07-27-18
Hi! Thanks for your addon, it looks...
Posted By: Taraezor
Hi! Thanks for your addon, it looks great, unfortunately for some reason, in 8.0.1 it doesnt work for me, the options didnt come up no matter what i write in the chat, and it is installed like every other mods i use, i see it in the interface/addon menu ingame as well, but no map markers or options coming up. Any tip or workaround wo...
File: Netherwing Eggs07-27-18
I cant get this to work using the c...
Posted By: Taraezor
I cant get this to work using the codes, you provided to use in chat. Nor is there any 'addon' options. I enabled it before logging in, which say's WoW read it successfully, but still no avail. BfA broke it. Enabling "Out of Date" AddOns will not fix this one, sorry. I am still (sigh) actively playing WoW, just struggling to ge...
File: Trainer04-16-18
Why aren't you just coding for wher...
Posted By: Taraezor
Why aren't you just coding for where they are *now*? Thanks Seerah. Point taken. After all, that's where 100% of legitimate WoW players are at! A whole lot of reasons really. Mainly, concern that eventually I will need a "Classic" version of an AddOn. I decided to test if I could roll everything together. Plus I have been pr...
File: X and Y04-15-18
Posted By: Taraezor
Yes I am aware that compass (player facing) direction is not possible prior to Patch 3.1.0. This addOn has been designed to still load and be otherwise functional without that feature in Vanilla and TBC.
File: Trainer04-14-18
But it says version 7.3.0!
Posted By: Taraezor
That's a limitation at WoW Interface. Yes, I could remove the code which deliberately stops the AddOn working beyond Patch 2.4.3 (about four places, one line of code each place iirc) but it was never tested beyond 2.4.3. NPCs move and get added and deleted over the years. That's easy. Much worse awaits: The programming API and the...
File: Netherwing Eggs04-04-18
Posted By: Taraezor
New location at (67.95,82.47) in the Mine. Woooo!
File: We Don't Wipe03-09-18
Re: Love for this?
Posted By: Taraezor
While my monk and frost mage seem to work fine, my havoc demon hunter has serious issues with his rotation. However, I've noticed that not only has this not gotten any updates, you've taken it out of your signature where you mention all your addons. I can appreciate being too busy, or it being too difficult, but please answer if you...
File: X and Y03-08-18
Posted By: Taraezor
This AddOn is the first of my AddOns to commence my move to being multi-build/patch friendly. I've added the ability to show THREE decimal places (some would say that just the one is enough!) as well as removed a nasty bug or two when you are looking at the world map. Discussion of private servers would not be welcome in this publ...
File: Best Quest Lore01-19-18
Thank you!
Posted By: Taraezor
Just wanted to say that this addon has greatly improved my WoW experience while leveling a character using frequent XP freezes to keep from outleveling any areas before the level scaling change is implemented. I feel pretty bad about this AddOn actually. I haven't maintained it in a long time so I am surprised you could get it to...
File: Long Forgotten Hippogryph11-22-17
Thanks for making this, got my moun...
Posted By: Taraezor
Thanks for making this, got my mount earlier today :) Glad you like the AddOn!
File: Fibonacci07-28-17
oh well, so cool Thanks. Hmmm......
Posted By: Taraezor
oh well, so cool Thanks. Hmmm... bit of a worry... I mentioned this future project back in early June. What I can say is it has certainly slipped down my "to do" list but coding was well underway at the time. Should get it happening again. It is 100% mathematics related, that I can say for sure.
File: Long Forgotten Hippogryph07-06-17
Re: Thank you!
Posted By: Taraezor
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: Woot! -Barleduq And readers won't be aware of this but it was Barleduq's idea in the first place!!! I was NOT even aware of the mount at the time!!! About time I acknowledged the many bug reports and other helpful comments from...
File: Adorable Hatchling Nests06-15-17
Re: Idea for a different addon?
Posted By: Taraezor
Sorry to put this here, but I'm not sure where else to put it. I just spent an inordinate amount of time making macros to create waypoints for finding the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph in Azsuna. This would be something along the lines of your Netherwing Eggs or Adorable Hatchlings. I used the list at this comment: http://www.wowhe...
File: Tip05-18-17
Posted By: Taraezor
Many changes and inclusions. A departure from previous versions... I now stoically force some tooltips to be updated or to even appear. As there were no eloquent hooks provided by Blizzard (that I could find at least) I have resorted to polling during the regular OnUpdate cycles. This is where other Tooltip AddOns go wrong in r...
File: Tip05-10-17
Major Update!
Posted By: Taraezor
I am working on a major infusion of IDs. Anything missing which you think I might have overlooked for this update? Post here please ASAP!!! E.g.: In the coming update I have Reputations / Friendships pretty much covered through to exalted / BFF!
File: Fibonacci03-06-17
Why would someone use this addon?...
Posted By: Taraezor
Why would someone use this addon? There are players who enjoy maths. Others who approximate Pi for the heck of it. Some who are curious to see how this could even be done. Others who will enjoy a geeky distraction. Some who have studied linear algebra or whatever formally will enjoy testing to see if I actually got it right. Th...
File: X and Y02-02-17
Re: Excellent work!
Posted By: Taraezor
No complaints! No bugs that I've found! One visual thing - would it be possible to make the name of the zone box longer? I find the numbers and the name are somewhat squished together. I may start doing without TomTom's coords box entirely! -Barleduq Attempt at a reply #2 (lol) Okay a question: Do any AddOns exist...
File: X and Y02-02-17
Re: Excellent work!
Posted By: Taraezor
No complaints! No bugs that I've found! One visual thing - would it be possible to make the name of the zone box longer? I find the numbers and the name are somewhat squished together. I may start doing without TomTom's coords box entirely! -Barleduq All this AddOn does is to alter the text within the box. Yes... t...
File: We Don't Wipe - Windwalker Monk01-16-17
Re: I was gonna send this private message...
Posted By: Taraezor
... but apparently it's disallowed. I admit, I haven't been playing on my monk since 7.1.5 hit - I've been playing with the diablo anniversary, using other (more effective) toons in wow for the week, and now in diablo itself. But someone I recommended We Don't Wipe to, also WW monk, says that since the patch it's been throwing enoug...
File: Sunrise Sunset01-13-17
Re: Link to FAQ on front page is wrong.
Posted By: Taraezor
When I click it, I get a page showing ERROR You are not the owner,team member or an admin of this portal. DL'ed and will be poking around iwth it. Looks interesting. Once again... many thanks Barleduq for your attentiveness.
File: Sunrise Sunset01-08-17
How Sunrise & Sunset Works
Posted By: Taraezor
Over the years Blizzard has, commendably, attempted to align nominally geographic servers so that the in game time matches the players' real world time. Recent changes forced upon Blizzard by exploiters "server hopping", as well as the need to consolidate servers, mean that the in game time might be very different from your real...
File: Rare Love01-05-17
Just want to mention that your opti...
Posted By: Taraezor
Just want to mention that your options slash command is the same command that Ace2/3 libraries use to reload the interface. Good thanks for the report. I usually provide a few options but I neglected to list them in the description on the download page. I updated that. It is years since I used any AddOn with Ace but iirc they...
File: Adorable Hatchling Nests12-31-16
v2.07 - Big Changes / Fixes
Posted By: Taraezor
High time I extend a little love to our cute little raptor friends. The change log is extensive for such a small AddOn and yet I pretty much have solved any issues I am aware of and which have accumulated over time. The Northern Barrens bug, due to some weird change at the server side at some unknown time in the recent past, ca...
File: We Don't Wipe - Havoc11-04-16
Re: Re: Re: Ok, time for this happened
Posted By: Taraezor
My apologies for the delay, ... Thank you for your work on this! Quick question: this is using the version I uploaded: v1.05? Yes it is. At least, that's what ACP reports is loaded. -Barleduq Okay Fel Rush and Throw Glaice working as they should, based upon your description. In fact pretty much everything is as per the...